The History Behind The 10 Minute Cushion

 The History Behind The 10 Minute Cushion


1995 – Sandy J. Levy graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Sandy then spent many hours and  years with patients researching/testing the right formula and technique to keep his patients flexible to achieve their most optimal level of performance.

Sandy has spent the past 18 years, acquiring expertise and increasing his passion in helping his patients. These include advanced techniques in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Bio-Mechanics & Advanced TMJ Assessment.

2003 – Under the tutelage of Mr. Kevin Honsberger; owner of  Honsberger Physiotherapy and Sports Sciences International; Sandy developed a Bio-Mechanic approach to Massage Therapy which led to the promotion of Director of Massage Therapy Services.

2006 – Sandy attended the 4 day Golf Summit with “Titleist Performance Institute” learning from Dr. Greg Rose & Dave Philips.

2008 – Attended “The Canadian Golf Forum- The Art & Science of Golf Instruction” presented by Sport Sciences International.

2009 – Sandy became inflicted with a Spinal Cord Condition. Sandy was left with a tremor and loss of his median nerve on the left side. It was reported from numerous MRIs that there was no stability left in the neck and that C2-T1 discs were to progressively compress the spinal cord. Surgery was the only option, was extremely risky, and would not resolve the symptoms more then 60%.

This led to the retirement from Honsberger Physiotherapy & Sport Sciences International, as well as a full employment as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Sandy decided, at that moment, with all his knowledge and expertise he could find another way to survive. That’s when he decided to research how to unload the repetitive strain from the front of his body, thus leading to the release of the compression in his neck as well as correct his posture and bring his spine back to optimal health and performance!

2010 – After many trials of other products on the market; that only led to an increase in his symptoms; Sandy developed The “10 Minute Cushion”. This new device allowed him to safely stretch the soft-tissue of the spine, reset the shoulders, stretch the chest and abdominal muscles and allows gravity to re-align the spine to its most optimal position in 10 minutes a day. That is when Sandy decided he was going to make this device available to everyone and priced and an affordable rate.

2011 – After the development of The 10 Minute Cushiontm, Sandy had to test the device on other people not just himself. Sandy began to volunteer his time at over 12 golf corporate tournaments a year with over 20+ golfers/tournament. After seeing the immediate results on the enhancement of rotation, Sandy then asked some of the Golfers to be tested regularly to see if the results were replicated; and they were every time.  Sandy used Titelist Performance Institutes test for rotation. The seated rotation test was used and a goniometer was used a spinal level T6 each time to compare the increase in rotation. Approximately 60 golfers were tested and each golfer after 10 days received 8 degrees more rotation.

2012 – The 10 Minute Cushion was made available to the general public and the website is opened.

2013 – Graham Massey joined the company to expand distribution and sales, with the focus on sales across Canada and the United States.  In October of that year, the 10 Minute Cushion was previewed at the World Golf Summit in Orlando Florida.   It was a hit, being picked up by Fitgolf and its 29 US locations and the product of choice by Peter McKay, Titelist Performance Institute Board Member as well as Katherine Roberts of The Golf Network and Yoga for Golfers.  TMC is made available on Amazon.

2014 – The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College joins the TMC family and is carrying our products at their Toronto location.  The team takes the products to the World Golf Summit in Calsbad California, there several west coast clinics pick up the products.  Towards the end of the year the product is launched to the Yoga sector at the Toronto Yoga Show, where the product is a sell out and more retailers added to the team including the well known Know Your Body Best located in downtown Toronto.  At the end of the year, we were ecstatic to be to find out that Golf Digest Magazine listed us in their “Top 5 Gifts for Golfers This Holiday Season”.

2015 – TMC attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College annual event for new students.  Allows each student to test and interact with the products.  See videos and photos in the gallery of the event.  In addition, clinics request removable washable covers for patient hygiene reasons.  Towards the end of the year, removable., washable microfiber slip covers are added and the cushions are no longer colour injected.

2016 –  The requests for a smaller cushion are over helming.  It has been noted that many physios, chiros and RMT’s are looking for a cushion that fits a smaller backs for people or smaller stature, more importantly children and teens.  There is clearly a need for school aged children that are sitting at desks; and worse; carrying heavy backpacks.  After working with our Chiros directly, TMC launches the Junior cushion for children, teens and smaller stature people with a red cover.

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