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“My posture is better now than when I was 45 and I have much less back pain”

Hi I’m James Bonatelli, owner of BODY IN BALANCE WELLNESS CENTER  located in West Palm Beach Florida.  I am a posture alignment specialist working with both professional and amateur athletes.  To keep my own body in alignment, I use the 10 Minute Cushion every morning in conjunction with a BEMER electronic medical device and I am getting extraordinary results! My posture is better now than when I was 45 and I have much less back pain. That is remarkable to me because in addition to being a posture therapist, I am also a 55 year old semi-professional dancer. My dance performance routines include lifts and tricks with my salsa partners who are very fit women in their 30’s.  Thanks to the 10 Minute Cushion, my good posture helps me stand taller, dance better and look 20 years younger.  In my opinion, the daily use of the 10 Minute Cushion in combination with BEMER (a device which improves general blood-flow and micro-circulation) is an amazing combination for healing the back and improving posture! I happily recommend the 10 Minute Cushion to all patients, family and friends because it is a very effective product!

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“It’s such a simple product, but it works!!”  ~~Jason Pottinger, #46 CFL

My career as a professional athlete is physically demanding and has definitely caused some wear and tear on my body. One of my trouble areas has been my lower back. Due to my intense off-season training, as well as in-season practices and games, my back often tightens up. As a result, I lose range of motion and risk further injury if the issue is not resolved. I had the pleasure of meeting the TMC Crew to try their product – The 10 Minute Cushion. The cushion vastly increased my range of motion the very first time I tried it. I now use the 10 Minute Cushion on a daily basis both before and after workouts, and I truly believe that it is improving my performance.   It is such a simple product, but it works!!




“Excellent addition to my treatment routine” ~~ Dan Goldstein, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC – West Palm Beach, FL

I have had a wonderful response from my patients to the 10 Minute Cushion. I use it during manual therapy treatments, in-office exercises and for the patient home postural re-education program. Even patient’s with very significant kyphotic postures generally tolerate the 10 Minute Cushion (with the head properly supported). Thank you for this excellent addition to my treatment routine.

“A great tool for many of my competitive juniors”  ~~ Jeff Overholt, B.Sc, PGA of Canada Coach Lead Coach

With the amount of time junior golfers spend sitting and often in front of computers / mobile devices it is imperative to create awareness to the proper alignment of the spine. The 10 minute cushion has been a great tool which many of my junior golfers use to “reset” their spine either before practice, at the beginning or end of a workout, or following a round of golf. The resetting of the spine allows them to efficiently rotate both on the backswing and downswing leading to shots which fly far and straight. The 10 minute cushion has been a great tool for many of my competitive juniors who spend extended periods of time away from home at tournaments – very easy to pack in a travel bag! Most importantly junior golfers need healthy spines to allow them to endure the countless number hours of practice which are so crucial during their soil development years. Definitely a great piece of equipment for any junior golfer!!!”

“Within minutes my pain was gone”  ~~ Daniel Carney Kilian RMT

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2009 and through the years I noticed to get a lot of Upper back pain.  I know it had stemmed from a posture thing yet so hard to control sometimes so I remember hearing about body blocks in school.   After receiving the 10 Minute Cushion I used it after a long shift and within minutes my pain was gone.   It’s certainly more effective and cheaper than seeing a chiropractor weekly to remove that stress in that area. This cushion helps realign your spine by gravity alone.

 “Very comfortable and a great price”   ~~Dr. Michelle Liberty, DC  Sports Injury Specialist

 I have been using the trial cushion with my clients and the feedback has been good!  “Very comfortable and a great price” “It will be very easy to use at home and comply with my treatments”  Thank you again for introducing me to your product.

 “My back hasn’t felt this good in years” ~~ John Dziminski

My back hasn’t felt this good in years. I used it twice a day , every day for a year. Then, 5-6 days a week for about 6 months, now 2-3 times a week for maintenance. I have one at work and one at home. My only issue is I have some slight neuropathy in my feet. This might be just my DNA, but it could be a result of realigning my spine. I thought you should know about this in case others have reported it. I still use the cushion regardless, since it helps my back so much. I have recommended the cushion to many friends, loaned them mine (just for a day) and they have bought many… at least 15 that I know of in the Dallas area

“I have scoliosis and rounded shoulders”  ~~Diana Lynn Schmidt –

I was given the option of trying this cushion by my massage therapist. I started faithfully using and found I sat up somewhat straighter, my husband seen a difference in my back because I have scoliosis and rounded shoulders from a car accident when I was 13. I sure feel a difference this week due to being in bed very ill so back at it in the next day or two…. wouldn’t go a day with out it!

“its improved my swing!” ~~Thomas Walker – Golfer – Toronto, ON 

I am so impressed with this product!  I am a 40 year old golfer and I have been golfing for 20 years until my back went out!  I have lower back pain which was affecting my swing to the point I was ready to hang up my clubs.  I can’t believe how much better I feel and the extra flexibility I now have in my back has not only put me back in the game, its improved my swing!  I highly recommend this product to all golfers!

” it helps my back pain”  ~~ US Marine, San Diego

Hi,  I am a Marine in San Diego. I am leaving for deployment Saturday morning. Your cushion is absolutely AMAZING and it helps my back pain SO MUCH. Is there any way possible for you to expedite one to me where I live in San Diego so I can take it with me when I go? You would be SAVING me more than you could imagine!  ~~we got him a new cushion before he left, thank you for your service!~~

“the sciatica that has bothered me for months is already diminishing” ~~ Jeffrey Bennett – Seattle WA 

I’ve had the 10-minute cushion for just under a week now and what a difference this has made already! After just a few sessions I can already feel a difference and the sciatica that has bothered me for months is already diminishing. I cannot wait to get on the golf course again!

 “I am in my 60’s”  ~~ Elaine B.

The 10 Minute Cushion has been very helpful to me for improving my posture. I am in my 60’s and keep fit with yoga and pilates, as well as road biking. This cushion provides a good back stretch and posture alignment after a long bike ride in a forward position on the road bike. I would like to recommend this product.

“I am now able to turn back and swing thru the ball”  ~~ Gord Campbell

I am 59 years old avid golfer who has been using the 10 minute cushion since 2012. I was having trouble with stiffness in my lower back. Since using the cushion I am now able to turn back and swing thru the ball. Now retired, I am playing 3 to 5 times a week and still use the cushion on a regular basis.

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