Golf Recovery & The 10 Minute Cushion

PGA Golfers like Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington, Lee Westwood, David Duval and more than 75 percent of golfers have used spinal alignment and spinal stretching in order for them to keep playing a tournament and recover between events. But you don’t have to be a professional golfer to benefit from spinal stretching. Golfers all over the world, also reap the performance-boosting rewards of regular spinal stretching and care!

On the golf course, physical exertion is intermittent. A golfer will violently swing 50-70 so while playing 18 holes. The average golfer will swing their club 75-100 km/hr.

There are three main reasons of golf injuries: poor posture, lack of flexibility and poor swing mechanics. The root cause of poor mechanics is often the result of a physical restriction or mechanical dysfunction, which may be alleviated my using The 10 Minute CushionTM. Lack of flexibility can also be addressed by spinal stretching. The 10 Minute CushionTM is ideally suited to deal with poor posture and poor mechanics.

The golf swing requires the spine to rotate, bend and laterally extend. This requires flexibility that is golf-specific. The 10 Minute CushionTM has been tested by over 60 Golfers and on average after 10 days (10 minutes 2x’s a day), each golfer increased their range of motion in the spine between 8-10 degrees in rotation. This lead to 30-50 more yards in their game!

It is important to maintain movement in your spine so you are able to bend properly and make the movements necessary to have great swing mechanics and less injuries on the course.

The unique curved design of The 10 Minute CushionTM allows you when lying on it properly to expand the spinal muscles and ligaments, stretches the chest, ribcage, hip flexors and shoulder muscles. The shoulders rotate and are drawn backwards resetting the shoulder position. The neck is extending in an elongated position as gravity is used to reset the neck, shoulders and the spine in healthy strong and safe position.

Ian Leggatt at Summit Golf Club has become a new Authorized Retailer


The 10 Minute Cushion is pleased to announce that Mr. Ian Leggatt at Summit Golf Course in Richmond Hill, Ontario is one of our new Authorized Retailers. We look forward to helping Mr. Leggatt help his golfers with sustainable performance!

The Summit Golf and Country Club today announced former PGA Tour player Ian Leggatt as the club’s new Director of Golf. Leggatt replaces Tom Price, who previously announced his intention to retire at the end of this golf season. In his role, Leggatt will oversee all aspects of the golf experience including the golf course, the golf and pro shop operation and the new teaching academy.

Ian Leggatt

Ian Leggatt Joins The Summit Golf Club as Director of Golf

Leggatt, who spent 19 years progressing through various professional golf tours, has 1 PGA Tour win at the 2002 Tucson Open and 1 Nationwide Tour win at the 2000 Dayton Open. Since his retirement from the PGA Tour, he has been very active as a golf consultant and player agent in his role of Executive VP of Golf at the Wasserman Media Group. He also serves as the golf insider on Rogers Sports Net/FAN 590.

2012 marks the 100th anniversary of The Summit. Later this year the club will build a new pro shop and launch a state of the art teaching academy. “As a golfer’s golf club, we are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead for The Summit with Ian Leggatt as our Director of Golf,” said Steve Ralph, President of The Summit. “Ian has a unique skill set and service culture experience which is grounded in his career as a PGA Tour golfer. He has strong business acumen, incredible relationships and exceptional vision for building a great golf experience.”

Summit Golf Course

11901 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4E 3N9

Phone: (905) 884-8189
Fax: (905) 884-6398
Pro Shop: (905) 884-8621

The Briars Golf and Country Club an Authorized Dealer


The 10 Minute CushionTM announces it has selected The Briars Golf and Country Club as one of our Authorized Dealers in Keswick, Ontario, Canada.

The Briars Golf Club is located on the southern shores of Lake Simcoe in the town of Jackson’s Point.  Minutes from the growing communities of Sutton and Keswick and less than one hour from Toronto, our club is Georgina’s finest private venue.  As you wind your way along historic Hedge Road, you immediately feel relaxed and understand the allure of this location.

The Briars Golf Club is a great walking course and offers a challenge for all levels of golfers – our Stanley Thompson/Robbie Robinson design features well manicured tree lined fairways and strategically placed bunkers that narrow into undulating, velvety slick greens.  The Briars has a small, capped membership base.  Together we share a private and friendly golfing experience, void of long line-ups and inaccessible tee times.


Ken Hamilton, PGA Head Professional 905-722-3772  ext.22 or email

Thornhill Golf and Country Club now an Authorized Retailer


The 10 Minute CushionTM announces it has selected The Thornhill Golf and Country Club as one of our Authorized Dealers in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

Take a step back in time and walk in the footsteps of legendary golf course architect Stanley Thompson on the Long Course at Thornhill Golf and Country Club. If you are working on your short game enjoy our picturesque 9-hole executive Valley Course. Not only a golf club, members have the opportunity to play on some of the best curling ice in the GTA or tailor their tennis game on our four newly renovated tennis courts. Established in 1922, Thornhill Golf and Country Club has been improving members’ games for 90 years.

Call or email Todd McGrath, Head Golf Professional
905.881.3000 x 262

Video Testimonial – Katherine Roberts, Yoga for Golfers

Hear what Katherine has to say about the 10 Minute Cushion at the World Golf Summit held in Orlando in October 2012.

As a Golf Magazine Fitness Panel expert and a regular contributor to The Golf Channel, Roberts has appeared on The Turn, The Big Break, Your Game Night,How Low Can You Go and Game ON!  Katherine has been working in Major League Baseball for nearly a decade, where she currently serves as the yoga expert for the LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres and Oakland A’s.

Read more about Katherine

FitGolf becomes The National Distributer for The 10 Minute Cushion

The 10 Minute CushionTM partners with FitGolf Performance Centers as the National Distributor

Toronto, Ontario The 10 Minute CushionTM announces it has selected FitGolf Performance Centers, The Golf Fitness Experts™ as their National Distributor.  As leaders in the golf fitness industry, FitGolf Performance Centers will be the lead distributor to the general public and for the fitness industry throughout the Country.

“We are eager to work with FitGolf and strengthen our presence in the US market” states Sandy Levy RMT, President of The 10 Minute CushionTM. He continues, “FitGolf brings great knowledge of the golf fitness industry and we are thrilled to partner with them.”

“We are excited to become the National Distributor for the 10 Minute CushionTM” said Fran Rosario, VP of Franchise Development for FitGolf Performance Centers.  “Each of the 35 FitGolf Performance Center locations will be able to offer it to its surrounding area.  This is a product we truly believe in and find it to be beneficial to improvements in golf and everyday life.”

FitGolf Performance Centers programs are offered in 31 locations. The company is dedicated to helping golfers from a unique angle—the golfer’s body. Based on the idea that a body limitation contributes to every swing flaw, FitGolf Performance Centers offers the most comprehensive set of golf fitness training and assessment tools to help you play better, more consistent golf with fewer aches and pains.

Information on The 10 Minute CushionTM can be found at

Information on FitGolf Performance Centers can be found at


The 10 Minute CushionTM:

Sandy Levy – President



FitGolf Performance Centers:

Benjamin Courtright – VP of Franchise Development



Clinical Trial of The 10 Minute Cushion

Clinical Trial of The 10 Minute CushionTM.

The Effectiveness of The 10 Minute CushionTM.
Start Date July 30, 2009 – Last updated July 30, 2012
Overall status: completed
Estimated Enrollment: 60
Verified by: Mr. Sandy Levy, RMT, July 30, 2012

Brief Summary

Official Title:“The Effectiveness of The 10 Minute CushionTM in Enhancing Posture and
Improving Athletic Performance in 10 minutes a day.”

Restrictions in range of motion (ROM) in the Spine due to repetitive athletic training, computer-use and sitting are some of the highest health risks/concerns of the current/aging populace. Postural discomfort in the workplace and in athletic training reduces performance and productivity. In an attempt to improve function, mobility & flexibility and reduce injury, lumbar stretching devices have made from plastic and wood, were produced to attempt to stretch and reset the lumbar spine and correct posture.

The 10 Minute CushionTM (which is foam) offers a simple means to alter posture and reduce associated strain in the spine from athletic training, computer-use and sitting by stretching the spinal/chest/anterior shoulder/hip flexor muscles and by using gravity to allow for “neutral positioning” or the natural curvature of the spine and the proper mechanical position of the torso, shoulders and neck.

The purpose of this clinical study is to determine the effectiveness on rotation in the thoracic spine as well as the measurable changes in the shoulder position.

The 10 Minute CushionTM is a low-cost solution to enhance posture, improve athletic performance as well as increase productivity in the work place.

*Study Type: Observational
*Study Primary Completion: July 30, 2012

Detailed Trial Description

20 of the Top Canadian occupations typically have workers sitting 80 percent of the day. An average of Ontario WSIB lost time claims since 1996 involve low back injury caused from work. The return to work objective for over half of these patients requires prolonged sitting at their workstations. Back pain and athletic injuries are the major contributors to time off work.

Besides personal suffering, postural discomfort in athletic training and in the workplace reduces performance and productivity, both of which can be improved by stretching the spine and correcting the posture to reduce compression on the spinal nerves.

According to Corlett (2006), other lumbar supports do not exert enough pressure on the spine in the seated position to actually change its configuration. However, the patient can alter their posture when such a device is in place as they arch their back to conform to it.

The 10 Minute CushionTM offers a simple means to alter posture and reduce associated strain on the spine and its nerves by lying over the arch of The 10 minute CushionTM for 10 minutes. This allows for gravity to stretch the muscles of the spine, chest, anterior shoulders and hip flexors by promoting the neutral standing lordotic posture. Clinically, by using a posture analysis chart, it has been shown to support the ENP or the neutral standing lordotic posture and the quantifiable effectiveness in improving functional rotation performance.

This study will help to understand why The 10 Minute CushionTM or ENP must be considered when planning a workplace return-to-work goals and to enhance productivity and to recovery from repetitive athletic strain.

Interventions Used in this Clinical Trial
Device – The 10 Minute CushionTM
– This device is placed on a bed or on a floor and against the low back when
sitting up on the ischial tuberositiy.(Sit bones)
– The patient then lies down with the white tip of the cushion to the low
back as the spine gently blends over the arch, with a pillow under the head
for support.
– Each patient was supine over the cushion for 10 minutes to obtain ENP.

•All participants performed the Seated Rotation Technique and a Goniometer
1. Seated Rotation Technique. Hips and knees are at 90°, trunk is upright and neutral, and lower body motion is reduced with a ball held between the knees.) A bar in front position requires the individual to cross their arms across their chest b) bar behind the back position requires the individual to place the palmar aspect of their hands on their stomach, fingers do not need to interlock.

2. The individual is in a seated position with their hips and knees flexed to 90° and their trunk in an upright neutral posture (not flexed, extended, side bent, or rotated). A small ball (volleyball, soccer ball) is placed between the knees and the individual is asked to maintain slight pressure on the ball by adducting the hips. The ball is used in an attempt to reduce the contribution of the lower body on spine rotation. A PVC dowel may be placed across the chest with the arms crossed over the bar. Alternatively, PVC dowel may be placed across the back, at approximately the inferior border of the scapulae. The individual is asked to place the palmar aspect of their hands on their stomach (interlocking fingers is not necessary). The bar in back position is thought to reduce the contribution from the shoulder joints on spine rotation. A foam roller was then placed between the knees and held tight

3. Regardless of bar position (bar front or back), a goniometer is aligned parallel to the ground, at the midpoint between the T1-T2 spinous processes, while using the spine of the scapula as a reference point during rotation. The stationary arm is pointed away from the side of rotation and remains in line with the starting position. The individual is instructed to maximally rotate to one side while the clinician follows this motion with the moving arm of the goniometer. Once the individual reaches end range of motion, the angle of the goniometer is noted.

4. Goniometer alignment. Goniometer is aligned parallel to the ground, between the T1-T2 spinous processes, using the spine of the scapula as a reference point. This figure depicts left rotation. The stationary arm is pointed away from the side of rotation (to the right) and remains in line with the starting position. The moving arm follows the spine of the scapula. The Goniometer is then placed at level T6 as the participant rotates left then right and each limit is measured.
The data was collected at the beginning of a trial for a baseline and then tested at 9pm at night on the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th day.

5. Participants used the cushion 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, having a family member witness.

6. On average the participants increased their thoracic rotation left and right by 8 degrees.

Outcome Measures for this Clinical Trial
Primary Measures
•Functional Rotation Test- by using the Seated Rotation Technique & a Goniometer.
Baseline measurement recorded then progressed to day 3, 5, 7, 10. Measurements recorded on each day.
On average 8 degrees left and right more rotation was measured and observed in 10 days.
-Time Frame: 10 minutes (2x’s a day)
-Safety Issues: None

Secondary Measures
•Postural Quantification: measurement of orientation of space between acromian process and the floor.
-Average orientation of space measurement at 1 minute is 3-inch space.
-Average orientation of space measurement at 10 minutes is 0.5-inch space.
-Time frame: 10 minutes
-Safety Issues: None

•Golf Swing Speed Test: measurement of club head speed before/after 10 minutes on The 10 Minute CushionTM.
-Each mile per hour equals approximately 2.2-2.5 yards.
-Testing is ongoing results to be updated when available.

Criteria for Participation in this Clinical Trial
Inclusion Criteria
•Male & Female
•Between the ages of 25-65
•With or without Low Back Pain or Thoracic Restrictions

Exclusion Criteria
•Participants currently involved in rehabilitation for an acute injury.
•Participants who have spinal fusion,recent surgeries,radiculopathy,Nerve Palsy

Gender Eligibility for this Clinical Trial: Male & Female
Minimum Age Group: 25 Years
Maximum Age Group: 65 Years

Clinical Trial Investigator Information
Lead Investigator: Mr. Sandy J. Levy, RMT

Session Period

Right Side

Left Side

60 Participants had an increase in Thoracic Rotation; an average of 8 degrees in 10 Days.






3 Days



5 Days



7 Days



10 Days