Jason Pottinger – My career as a professional athlete..

Jason Pottinger

My career as a professional athlete is physically demanding and has definitely caused some wear and tear on my body. One of my trouble areas has been my lower back. Due to my intense off-season training, as well as in-season practices and games, my back often tightens up. As a result, I lose range of motion and risk further injury if the issue is not resolved.
I had the pleasure of meeting Graham and Sandy in order to try their product – The 10 Minute Cushion. The cushion vastly increased my range of motion the very first time I tried it. I now use the 10 minute cushion on a daily basis both before and after workouts, and I truly believe that it is improving my performance in the weight room.
It is such a simple product, but it works!!
Jason Pottinger, #46


Professional Football Players all over the North America are focusing on improving posture more and more. This allows them the ability to keep performing at their optimal level, consistently.

Athletic training will jar and misalign the spinal column naturally, because the spine is at the center of the body.
Football Players have also discovered that proper care of their spine allows them to achieve an optimal level of performance when training and playing as well as aiding in a pain-free or at least better recovery in-season.

A properly aligned biomechanical spinal structure allows all athletes to achieve and maintain optimal communication between the brain and the extremities for sustainable patterns and success!